Our Story

Founded in 1957

The Chapel in the Hills was originally founded as a Bible Sunday School for Coal Creek Canyon residents by 'Uncle Paul' Eiselstein in December, 1951. After years of meeting, the Chapel charter members felt led to make it into the first community church of Coal Creek Canyon in 1957.
'Chapel In The Hills' stands on a the site donated by Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Seaver.

"From the start, this church was built with the Lord's provision, and is dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel to His honor and glory."                           - Charter members

72 years later, our church is still pushing forward with the Gospel message - making much of Christ Jesus!
Chapel in 2010s
Chapel in 2022
Chapel in 1970s
Chapel in 1990s

The Gospel Call

In 2018, we recalibrated our mission statement, so as to reflect what God is doing in our midst. 
The main mission of the Chapel is to live and to lead others into a Christ-Centered life.

Our Vision...

The aim of the ministry at the Chapel in the Hills is to point people to Christ. We seek to accomplish this vision by our values:

  1. Scripture-Saturated - Living in light of God's Word
  2. Relationship-Driven - Being authentic in love and service
  3. Missionally-Motivated - Engaging people with the Gospel message

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am.