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New to the Chapel

Are you looking for a church family? Whether you have never been to a church or have been going to church for years, Chapel in the Hills might be the right church for you. The defining characteristic of the Chapel is that we are all about the glory of God! The Westminster Shorter Catechism sums it up well with its first question, “What is the chief end of man?” The answer to this question is truly profound: “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Moreover, we hold the Bible as the only rule for life and practice. Thus, we submit ourselves under the teaching of God’s Word.

Here are some of our distinctions:

  • Christ-centeredness – Everything we do at the Chapel centers on the person and work of Christ! We aim to have a loving Christ-centered community that encourages one another towards a relationship with Christ. Our worship, ministries, beliefs, and goals all center on Christ! Simply put, if you love Jesus, this is a church where you will feel at home.
  • Expository Sermons – We interpret the Scriptures with a literal-historical-grammatical hermeneutic (interpretation of the Word). The “meat and potatoes” of our preaching is verse-by-verse biblical exposition, or explanation. Typically, we preach through books of the Bible with the goal of renewing our minds in His Word. Furthermore, the “carrots and peas” of our preaching is topical studies that are done exegetically – this means that we keep the topical verses within their context, so that we might gain a clearer picture of biblical principles.
  • God-centered Worship Music – When we sing to the Lord it is not about us but about Him. God is our audience, and as His children we love to shout our praises to Him. Our music is a mixture of contemporary worship songs and the blessed hymns that have been passed down for centuries.
  • Prayer – We know that the only way forward is on our knees. We are wholly dependent upon God and can do nothing without Him. We believe that prayer is powerful and that God is the one who grows His church.
  • Communion and Baptism – We believe that both of these ordinances, or decrees, are tangible symbols of a spiritual reality. Communion is a reminder of the Gospel – the person and work of Jesus Christ; Baptism is a reminder of our being a new creation in Christ – the Christian’s death to sin and new life in Christ. Communion is done weekly as a regular reminder of what Christ has done for His people.
  • Governance – We are a church that believes in biblical eldership and deaconship. Christ is our Chief-shepherd and we seek His will in all things. The elders/pastors/overseers are Christ’s under-shepherds who lead, protect, and care for the flock. The deacons help to support the ministry of the under-shepherds by being ministers of mercy. Note: For a helpful resource on this type of governance, see Alexander Strauch’s book titled Biblical Eldership.