A High Calling

As we dutifully pull out our brooms to begin spring cleaning, it begins to sink in that we have made it through another Canyon winter. Spring has finally come. With it, the bloom of flowers and the festivities of Mother’s Day. This little article is written for the many wonderful mothers in the Canyon.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart, this task of mothering. Between cutting wads of gum out of matted hair and washing set-in stains out of soccer jerseys, it can be so easy to lose sight of the importance of the high calling of motherhood. In fact, Psalm 127:3 says that children are a heritage from the Lord. This means that raising children carries a lot of weight in God’s eyes, and that it is an honor bestowed upon the woman given such a task. Though it can often seem that your efforts are unnoticed and inconsequential – even still, children are a reward. To raise these precious little souls is a commission given by the One who empowers and encourages. Oh, how great is this responsibility to teach the next generation the values that are most important! Things like sharing with those in need, caring for the hurt and voiceless, and endeavoring to use the gifts God has given them to benefit others.

So my encouragement for every mother reading this article today is as follows: don’t give up on the calling that God has set before you. The task before you is great, but God is great enough to enable you to endure. And not just to endure, but to thrive. Cry out to God for the patience and wisdom you need, and He will be faithful to enable. Look to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of faith.

The following is a little poem that depicts the ordinary, yet incredibly extraordinary work that mothers do!

They feel our first movements, and hear our first cries

They tear up when they realize how quickly time flies

They teach us our vowels, and that we must not bite

They try to remember when they slept through the night


They admonish us each time we are naughty

They jump up and down when we first use the potty

They coerce stubborn stains out of our laundry

And chauffeur us to school, friends’ houses, and hockey


They clean out our fish tanks, and sometimes our rooms

Learn how to cook with one hand as well as with two

They love us enough to set boundaries and rules

They’re as thrilled as we are when we graduate school


They watch us get married and then move away

They pray hard that that we’ll continue in the right way

They are always teaching, in work and in play

Thank you, every mom out there. Happy Mother’s Day!


By Todd and Glory Fletcher